2016年3月19日 0:40

2016 BIGBANG MADE [V.I.P] TOUR IN NANJING 特別活動主題為 ! 場館內有PhotoWall拍照區,位置請見地圖. 現場會有官方攝影師為大家拍照, 請大家先領號碼牌填寫信息後於PhotoWall前拍照, 即有機會獲特別大禮! 請在當天演出開始前16:00~18:00點參与活動進行拍照. 請大家有序排隊積极參与!
The theme for 2016 BIGBANG MADE [V.I.P] TOUR IN NANJING SPECIAL EVENT is . Please check its location the map! An official photographer will take pictures of all the participants. In order to join this competition, you only need to get a number card and fill out the information in the back before taking the photo. Please note that the event will be over 2 hours before doors open. We will be looking forward your interest and participation and wishing you good luck.