2016年6月8日 9:35

感謝上一周在天津站積极參与Today』s Big Fan活動的VIP朋友們!在這裏再一次向當天給予了大家歡笑和驚喜的獲勝者及所有活動參与者們表示感謝!繼上周的主題,本周Today』s Big Fan活動的主題也同樣為「BAE BAE」。本周佛山和南寧站的活動參与地點請參照下方地圖。期待本周佛山和南寧VIP們的變裝!!

It was marvelous in Tianjin show to see how VIPs are excited in 「Today』s Big Fan」 event..! We loved and enjoyed watching not only the winner but also candidates who just missed to win. Check out the theme of 「Today』s Big Fan」 for this week same as last week, 「BAE BAE」, and find out the location map for both city – Foshan and Nanning. We all guess Foshan and Nanning』s VIPs will surprise us again…!!!