2016年6月20日 19:51

在廣州粉絲們的熱情下,映客 2016 MADE [V.I.P] TOUR 廣州站於7月7日、7月8日兩天的演出迅速售罄了!為了答謝粉絲們熱情的支持,我們將於7月9日追加一場演出!加場票務將於6月21日下午13:30于大麥網公開發售,請多多關注!
By Guangzhou Fans overwhelming passion, the two show July 7th/8th of 映客 2016 MADE [V.I.P] TOUR in Guangzhou is sold out so soon.
To return the fans support , we will add one more show on July 9th , the ticket for additional show will be opened at 13:30 on June 21st on DAMAI. Waiting for you !