2016年6月29日 10:03

Today』s Big Fan Event:6月30日~7月3日主題公開! 首先感謝上周在哈爾濱及大連站參与活動的VIP朋友們。本周也期待著大家新奇的創意和想法。本周的主題為「SOBER」, 期待大家的參与!但大家不會在演出中依然「SOBER」吧?
Today』s Big Fan Event : June 30th ~ July 3rd Theme Notice! Outstanding VIPs in Harbin and Dalian made everybody having fun on stage, we all loved..!! This week theme is 「SOBER」, and I believe our VIP will join again in this event to make all chortle with glee all over the cities we visit. Oh, you』re really going to stay SOBER during this show…??