2016年7月9日 17:00

即將在下周訪問的西安、洛陽兩城市TODAY』s BIG FAN 活動的主題為「ZUTTER」。請大家確認活動的參与地點。在參加活動之前只需填寫一份簡單的申請書,就可以進行拍照。 官方攝影師將為所有的活動參与者拍攝照片。西安和洛陽的VIP朋友們,快開始準備吧!
We』re all excited next week in first time visiting Xian and Luoyang, so gladly inform now this special Theme of TODAY』s BIG FAN only for these two cities, as 「ZUTTER」. To join this event, you only need to get a number card and fill out the information in the back before taking the photo. The official photographer will take pictures of all the participants. Find the location from the site map. VIPs in Xian and Luoyang, Show me what you got!