2016年7月14日 10:24

VIP朋友們,終於到北京站了! TODAY』s BIG FAN的活動即將接近尾聲,所以此次決定不限制主題。VIP朋友們可參考與BIGBANG有關的任何圖片,施展想象力進行變裝。並且變裝的主題除了BIGBANG成員們之外,也可以是在MV等中出現的任何客體。請大家確認活動的參与地點。在參加活動之前只需填寫一份簡單的申請書,就可以進行拍照。 官方攝影師將為所有的活動參与者拍攝照片。那在北京見吧!
Finally we are heading into Beijing..!! As we』re getting close to the last stop, now from Beijing we have free theme for TODAY』s BIG FAN event! With all of VIP』s free imagination, you can play costume of any novel image related to 「BIGBANG」. Pay attention on that the costume objects are not limited only to BIGBANG members, but free to any funny/laughing/creative object starred in M/V. To join this event, you only need to get a number card and fill out the information in the back before taking the photo. Our official photographer will take pictures of all the participants. Find the location of photowall from the site map, and see you soon in Beijing..!!