2017年1月4日 18:46

歷經心酸過往的每個人,總是會有那麽一首背景音樂襯托。張惠妹的「記得」,王力宏的「Kiss Goodbye」,或 陶喆的「普通朋友」似乎都存在於很多的共同記憶當中。近年來也有幾首歌,雖然旋律的風格不一樣了,但依然能療癒在心酸裡鬱悶的聽眾們。不斷變動的城市裡,我們還能擁有不變的感動,就讓Lara梁心頤​重新詮釋魏如萱的「你啊你啊」,還有艾怡良的「我們的總和」,可以使你在心酸中回溫一絲幸福的感受。

Every person's story of heartache has a theme song. Be it Amei's 'Remember', Wang Leehom's 'Kiss Goodbye' or David Tao's 'Normal Friends'. In this forthcoming era, the feeling of heartache remains achingly familiar, yet the strands of melodies which soothe ones' sorrows are once again different. Equally moving, but pairing even more closely with the sense of isolation and bustle todays' cities hold. Presenting Lara's mashup of Waa Wei's 'Only You' and Eve Ai's 'The Sum of Us', is it too much ache to handle?

演唱: Lara Veronin 梁心頤
編曲\吉他: Wico Weng 翁光煒
導演\攝影: Yoga Zheng 鄭宥嘉
溷音: Jason Lu 呂偉誠

#我們的總和# #你啊你啊# @魏如萱waa @艾怡良EveAi