2017年3月22日 21:21

從12月初,Lara與妹妹娃娃的『Where Do We Go』旅程匆匆忙忙地出發。在這兩個月的過程中,團隊學了很多,Lara自己的收穫也不少。從拍宣傳照,到辦記者會,製作新曲風的「Where Do We Go」,每個重要時刻都一一記錄在這支影片。來跟我們一起回味「Where Do We Go」的難忘時光吧!From December onwards, Lara and the Meiwa team』s 『Where Do We Go』 journey started off haphazardly. Along the way, we learned a lot, and wanted to share some of the important moments during this promotional period with everyone! From taking promo pictures to organising our very first press conference and re-arranging 『Where Do We Go』, all our best moments have been recorded in here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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