2016年9月24日 12:42

9/23 Hailey Baldwin穿黑色crop top和銀色夾克 和超模Joan Smalls以及Doutzen Kroes現身米蘭時裝周秀場外[酷]
海狸最近和Rihanna以及澳洲演員Margot Robbie被評選為世界上最會穿衣的女性,對此她接受Vogue採訪時表示自己很喜歡Rihanna的造型 「I think Rihanna kills it a lot of time. I』m very big on doing oversized and I think you have to do it right and Rihanna does that all the time.」
同時海狸也不忘誇獎Margot 「I really like Margot Robbie, I think when you』re classically beautiful like she is you have to do that type of style. I don』t think she is ever trashy about it.」 #歐美明星每日街拍#