2016年6月22日 8:11

1. kick in 藥物開始起作用,例如:The pills I took are starting to kick in. 我吃的藥片開始起效了。
2. kick out 趕走;開除,例如:My wife kicked me out again. 我老婆又把我趕出來了。Your school is going to kick you out. 你學校要把你開除了。
3. kick one's ass痛扁某人,狂勝某人,One more word and I'll kick your ass.你再說一個字我就揍你!Don't play basketball with him. He'll kick your ass.
4. kick ass牛逼,You really kick ass, man.哥們你真牛!That's a kick-ass party.這派對很贊。
5. kick off 開始,如:The soccer game kicks off in 3 minutes. 足球比賽3分鐘后開始。My vacation now officially kicks off. 我的假期現在正式開始。
6. get a kick out of 開心,如:Trust me, you will get a kick out of this. 相信我,你會玩的開心的。