2016年7月17日 13:43

【line 相關表達】
1.a fine line 一線之差。例: There is a fine line between genius and insanity. 天才和神經不正常之間只是一線之隔。There is a fine line between love and hate. 愛恨之間只有一線之隔。
2.make a beeline for something. 直奔。例:The little league players all made a beeline for the ice cream truck after the game. 比賽結束后,打棒球的孩子們都直奔賣冰激凌的車。
3.bottom line 底線。The bottom line is that we have to win this game. Otherwise we're out. 最重要的是,我們這場比賽一定得贏,否則就要被淘汰了。
4.top of the line 最棒的。I just bought a new laptop. It's top of the line.
5.someone's ass is on the line (美語非正式) 吃不了兜著走。You'd better be right. My ass is on the line here. 你最好是對的,否則我可是吃不了兜著走。
6.cross the line 越界,過分。She took credit for my ideas. She has definitely crossed the line. 她竟然用我想出來的主意去邀功請賞,真是太過分了。