2016年7月17日 20:00

1.moon away 虛度時光, Dont't moon away the Mid-autumn Festival.
2.over the moon 欣喜若狂, She is over the moon about the two holidays.
3. as changeable as the moon 象月亮一樣善變,反覆無常, What can I do with her? She is as changeable as the moon.
4.promise sb. the moon 對某人作無法兌現的許諾
5.in a blue moon 極少,千載難逢
6.cry/ask/wish for the moon 想做辦不到的事情,想要得不到的東西
7.the man in the moon 虛構的人
8.aim/level at the moon 想入非非,野心太大