2016年7月27日 18:38

【學幾句高頻美劇口語】1.I'm out.我不幹了. 2.I got a bone to pick with you.我對你有意見. 3.You always get your way.你一直為所欲為. 4.It's close.差不多. 5.Knock yourself out.請便吧. 6.Whatever you like.隨你喜歡. 7.Stop being crazy for a second.先別發瘋. 8.Let's be reasonable.理智點. 9. Be right back. 馬上回來. 10. That explains it. 這就解釋得通了. 11. Nailed it. 搞定. 12. Tell me about it. 可不是嘛.