2016年8月12日 12:34

1. turn against 背叛,例如:Why did you turn against him? 你為何背叛他?
2. turn in 自首,例如:You must turn yourself in. 你必須去自首!
3. turn back 倒退,例如:You can't turn back time. 你不能讓時光倒流!I wish I could turn back 5 years..
4.turn to 求助,You can always turn to me for help. 你隨時可以找我幫忙!Who can I turn to? I'm screwed. 我完蛋了,還能找誰求助呢?
5. turn into 轉變成,Look what you turned him into. 看看你把他變成什麼了!He has turned into a monster!
6. turn sb. down 拒絕某人,Please don't turn me down. 請不要拒絕我。He turned her down last night. 他昨晚拒絕她了。
7. turn out 結果是,He turned out to be right. 結果證明他是正確的。
8. somebody's turn 輪到某人,Whose turn is it? 現在到誰了?