2016年8月18日 17:18

圖表相關英文: 圖表描述是我們日常工作中經常用到的,所以下面總結一些常用圖表詞彙:

1.各種圖表的名稱(types of chart)

1) 餅狀圖(pie chart): 餅狀圖內部分成一塊一塊,用於表示所佔分量,那一塊一塊就叫"segment"。

2) 線形圖(line graph): 橫軸叫axis, 樞軸叫vertical, 實線是solid line, 虛線是broken line
柱狀圖(bar chart): 每一個矩形就叫一個bar
表(table): 表的「行」是「row」,「列」是「column」流程圖(flow chart)

2.描述變化時(describing change)

(1)向上的趨勢(upward movement):

  - to increase/rise/go up

  - to grow/expand

  - to rocket/boom/soar

  e.g. we increased sales.

  e.g. we expanded our workforce.

  e.g. we raised our prices. (注意:raise是及物動詞)

  (2)向下的趨勢(downward movement)

  - to decrease/fall/drop/decline/go down

  - to slump/collapse/plummet/crash


(3)不再變動 (an end to movement)

- to level off

  (4)無變化(no change)

  - to remain constant/stable

  - to stay the same

  - to maintain/hold/keep

3.變化的程度(degree of change)

- dramatically/considerably/significantly/moderately/slightly

e.g. profits rose slightly. 利潤緩慢上升

4.變化速度(speed of change)


e.g. sales went up rapidly. 銷售迅速增長