2016年9月7日 10:31


1.approximately (formal)

e.g. The flight takes approximately three hours.飛行時間大約需要三個小時。

2. about (common)

e.g. It is about six o'clock now.現在是六點鐘左右。

3. give or take

e.g. He was 80 years old, give or take a year.他八十歲上下。

4. more or less

e.g. I've more or less finished reading the book.我差不多已經把這本書看完了。

5. or so

e.g. Grandad usually conks out (ie sleeps) for an hour or so after lunch.爺爺吃過午飯往往要睡一個小時左右。。

6. or thereabout

e.g. She must be 25 or thereabouts. 她肯定在25歲上下。

7. roughly

e.g. Roughly speaking, I would say that about100 people attended the exhibit.粗略地說來,我想大約有100人參觀了展覽。

8. round about

e.g. I live round about ten miles from here.我的住處離這兒大約十英里。

9. somewhere around

e.g. Can we park somewhere around there then? 能在附近什麼地方停一下嗎?

10. somewhere in the region of

e.g. She earns somewhere in the region of 25000.

Remark: about 是最通用的,approximately是比較正式的用法。