2016年9月22日 17:42

關係代詞which和as的區別 #四六級、考研英語精華#


As we all know, reading is very important.

Reading is very important, which we have already known when we were very young.


He failed in the exam again, as was expected.

He failed in the exam again, which was unexpected.


Jack was admitted into the university, as we had expected.


as has been said before as often happens

as is well known as we all can see

the same...as such...as


He passed the exam, which made him delighted.


They went to the zoo, after which they saw a film.


He can write a letter in English, which I cannot.


Beijing, which he was born, is our capital.

(9)代替主句中的形容詞時, 常用which,如:

Lily thought me clever, which she herself was.