2016年10月22日 12:38

初入職場時,總是害怕和客戶直接對話,每次拿起電話或是主持concall meeting 都很緊張。


Here are some common phrases to help you speak politely on the telephone in English.

1. Answering the phone

- Good morning/afternoon/evening, xxx Enterprises, Grace speaking.

2. Asking for the caller』s name

- Who』s calling, please?
- Could I take your name, please?

3. Introducing yourself

- This is Paul Smith speaking.
- Hello, this is Paul Smith from Smith Brothers Ltd.

4. Asking for someone

- Could I speak to John Martin, please?
- I』d like to speak to John Martin, please.
- Could you put me through to John Martin, please?
- Could I speak to someone who …

5. Explaining absence

- I』m afraid Mr Martin isn』t in at the moment.
- I』m sorry, he』s in a meeting at the moment.
- I』m afraid he』s on another line at the moment.

6. Putting someone on hold

- Just a moment, please.
- Could you hold the line, please?
- Hold the line, please.

7. Problems

- I』m sorry, I don』t understand. Could you repeat that, please?
- I』m sorry, I can』t hear you very well. Could you speak up a little, please?
- I』m afraid you』ve got the wrong number.
- I』ve tried to get through several times but it』s always engaged.
- Could you spell that, please?

8. Putting someone through (connecting someone)

- One moment, please. I』ll see if Mr Jones is available.
- I』ll put you through.
- I』ll connect you.
- I』m connecting you now.

9. Taking a message

- Can I take a message?
- Would you like to leave a message?
- Can I give him/her a message?
- I』ll tell Mr Jones that you called.
- I』ll ask him/her to call you as soon as possible.