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1. at, in, on
at 一般指小地方;in 一般指大地方或某個範圍之內;on 往往表示「在某個物體的表面」。例:

He arrived in Shanghai yesterday. 他昨天到上海。
They arrived at a small village before dark. 他們在天黑前到達一個小村莊。
There is a big hole in the wall. 牆上有個大洞。
The teacher hung a picture on the wall. 老師把一幅畫掛在牆上。

2. over, above, on

over, on 和 above 都可表示「在……上面」,但具體含義不同。Over 表示位置高於某物,在某物的正上方,其反義詞是under。above 也表示位置高於某物,但不一定在正上方,其反義詞是below。On 指兩個物體表面接觸,一個在另一的上面。例如:

There is a bridge over the river. 河上有一座橋。

We flew above the clouds. 我們飛越雲層。

They put some flowers on the teacher's desk. 他們把一些花放在講桌上。

3. across, through

across 和 through 均可表示「從這一邊到另一邊」,但用法不同。Across 的含義與 on 有關,表示動作在某一物體的表面進行。Through 的含義與 in 有關,表示動作是在三維空間進行。例如:

The dog ran across the grass. 狗跑過草地。

The boy swam across the river. 那男孩游過河。

They walked through the forest. 他們穿過森林。

I pushed through the crowds. 我擠過人群。

4. in front of, in the front of

in front of 表示「在某人或某物的前面」,在某個範圍以外;in the front of 表示「在……的前部」,在某個範圍以內。例如:

There are some tall trees in front of the building. 大樓前有一些高大的樹。

The teacher is sitting in the front of the classroom. 老師坐在教室前面。

5. among, between

兩者都含有「在……中間」的意思。 一般說法是:among 用於「三者或三者以上之間」,而 between 則用於「兩者之間」。例如:

I bought three hundred eggs and there was not a single bad one among them. 我買了三百雞蛋,裏面一個壞的也沒有。

What's the difference between Asian elephants and African elephants? 亞洲象與非洲象有什麼不同?

不過這個定義過於簡單。Oxford上對於兩者的解釋是:"Among" is used of people or things considered as a group. "Between" is used of people or things, either two in number or more than two considered individually.

1) among 除了表示多於兩者之間的關係外,更重要是它表達了「在其中」的意思。究竟是多少人或事並不重要,因為他們/它們已經被視為一體。例如:

He stood among the crowd. 他站在人群中。

There is a thief among you. 你們中間有一個是小偷。

She divided the money among her three children. 她把錢分給了她的三個孩子。

2) Between 可用於「三者或三者以上之間」,指每個人或物與別的每個人或物分別發生聯繫,例如:

Ecuador lies between Columbia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean. 厄瓜多位於哥倫比亞、秘魯和太平洋之間。

3) Between 在表示「合作、協力」的意義時,其賓語不受所涉及到的個體數目的限制。例如:

The three children saved over a hundred pounds between them. 三個孩子一共賺了一百多英鎊。

The three men tried to lift the box between them. 三個人一齊用力想把箱子抬起來。

Among 也有相同的用法:

They finished the work among themselves. 他們共同完成了這項工作。