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1.副詞如:in, out, down, there, here, off, over, away, etc. 句子倒裝。(完全倒裝,但主語不能是代詞)

Down jumped the murderer from the tenth floor.
In came Miss Green.
Away she went! (她走了!)
Here you are! (你在這兒!)

2.only + 副詞(介詞短語)位於句首,句子要倒裝。
Only then did he realize that he was mistaken.
Only by working hard can we succeed in doing anything.

3.well, so, often, such, few, little 放于句首,句子形成倒裝。
So fine was the weather that we all went out lying in the sun.
Well did I know him and well did he know me.

4.否定詞或具有否定意義的詞及片語用在句首時,句子須倒裝。此類詞有: neither,nor,hardly,scarcely, rarely,seldom,not,never,not only,barely,at no time,nowhere等。
— Jack could not swim.
— Neither could Tom.
Never have I seen such a good movie.

Rich as he is, he spends a cent on charity.
Try as he does, he never seems able to do the work beautifully.

May you make greater progress! (願你取得更大進步!)

7.在虛擬條件句中,連詞if省略時,句型要倒裝,即將were, had, should等詞提到句首。
Were I you, I would go abroad to take advanced study.
Should he come tomorrow, he would help us to settle the problem.

Much as we may pride ourselves on our good taste, we are no longer free to choose the things we want.