2017年4月25日 11:00

英語中兼有兩種形式的副詞~#四六級、考研英語精華# ​​​​

1. close與closely
  close意思是"近"; closely 意思是"仔細地"
    He is sitting close to me.
    Watch him closely.
2. late 與lately
  late意思是"晚"; lately 意思是"最近"
    You have come too late.
    What have you been doing lately?

3. deep與deeply
    He pushed the stick deep into the mud.
    Even father was deeply moved by the film.

4. high與highly
    The plane was flying high.
    I think highly of your opinion.

5. wide與widely
    He opened the door wide.
    English is widely used in the world.

6. free與freely
  free的意思是"免費";freely 的意思是"無限制地"
    You can eat free in my restaurant whenever you like.
    You may speak freely; say what you like.