2017年5月4日 21:28

1.a foot in the door 站穩腳跟;
2. cash cow 搖錢樹;
3. too many chiefs, not enough Indians 指導者多,幹活者少;
4. eager beaver 做事勤奮的人;
5. a slice of the pie 分杯羹;
6. go belly up 破產;
7. golden handshake 黃金握手;
8. grease someone』s palm 給某人好處;
9. hold the fort 堅守陣地;
10. keep head above water 不欠債;
11. red tape 繁文縟節;
12. sell ice to Eskimos 把冰賣給愛斯基摩人;
13. sleeping partner 隱名股東;
14. walking papers 免職書;
15. a dead duck 死鴨子