2017年5月26日 21:47

Let off steam 發泄
Meaning: to release emotional tension
Example: Outdoor activities enable them to get some exercise and let off some steam.

Put my feet up 放鬆
Meaning: to relax, especially by sitting with your feet supported above the ground
Example: After a hard day's work, it's nice to get home and put my feet up.

Wind down 放鬆
Meaning: to slow something down; to make something less hectic
Example: A glass of milk can probably help you wind down.

Get into 喜歡,感興趣
Meaning: to become involved in something; to develop an interest in something
Example: If you get into a particular kind of work or activity, you manage to become involved in it.

Put off 使反感;使對…失去興趣
Meaning: to feel intense dislike or distaste
Example: She's very clever, but her manner does tend to put people off.

Catch up 發現
Meaning: to find out about things that have happened
Example: We spent the evening catching up (on each other's news).

Chill out 冷靜下來
Meaning: to spend time relaxing; to relax and stop feeling angry or nervous about something
Example: You need to chill out.

Settle down 冷靜
Meaning: to become calm or composed
Example: When I am on the train, I'll settle down with a good book.

Pick up 學會
Meaning: to acquire knowledge or habits through practice or experience
Example: I picked up a lot of knowledge about music from my brother.

Blow away 使…印象深刻
Meaning: to impress somebody a lot or to make them very happy
Example: That concert blew me away.