2017年7月18日 9:53

1. Way ahead of you. 早想到了。

2.First come first served! 先到先得!

3.It's like talking to a wall. 像是對牛彈琴。

4.Take a closer look! 給我看清楚一點!

5.I cross my heart! 我發誓是真的!

6.That's impressive.了不起。

7.I'll back you up. 我會挺你的。

8. I'm on your side. 我站在你這邊。

9.Clock's ticking! 光陰似箭!

10.Times have changed. 此一時,彼一時。

11.That goes without saying. 不用你說我也知道。

12.He always goofs off. 他總是糊裡糊塗。

13.Some people never learn. 有些人就學不乖。

14.It's hard to say. 這很難說!

15.Don't be so fussy! 別挑剔了!

16.She has issues. 她有點意見。

17.Scoot over. 挪過去。

18.What a gossip! 真會八卦!

19.You are way out of line. 你太過分了。

20.It's for your own good. 這是為你好。

21.Think it over. 好好想想。

22.I won't blame you. 我會不怪你

23.What kind of talk is that? 你說這什麼話?

24.There you go again! 你又來了!

25.Music to my ears. 正是我想聽的。