2017年9月17日 9:40

帶來bring about 替換詞:result in, lead to

產生,引起:create 替換詞:spark, yield, give rise to

建立:establish 替換詞:found, institute

要求:call for 替換詞:request, demand

去除:eliminate 替換詞:remove, eradicate

探討:explore 替換詞:examine, identify

表明,描繪:indicate 替換詞:depict, portray, illustrate

滿足…需求:meet the need of 替換詞:satisfy the requirement of,

足夠:adequate 替換詞:enough, sufficient

解決:tackle 替換詞:resolve, address

意識:awareness 替換詞:consciousness

解釋:account for 替換詞:be responsible for, be attributed to

投資:finance 替換詞:invest in, subsidize

緩解:relieve 替換詞:ease, alleviate

壓力:stress 替換詞:pressure, strain

遵循:observe 替換詞:follow, conform to

繼承:inherit 替換詞:hand down, carry forward

培養:cultivate 替換詞:train, foster

促進:promote 替換詞:contribute to, upgrade

適應:adapt to 替換詞:adjust to, acclimate to

提供:provide 替換詞:render, afford

替代:replace 替換詞:substitute, take the place of

證據:evidence 替換詞:proof

贏得:gain 替換詞:acquire, attain

重視:attach importance to 替換詞:emphasis, highlight

發展:advance 替換詞:development, progress

傾向於:tend to 替換詞:be inclined to, be apt to

吸引:attract 替換詞:allure, tempt

專註的:be absorbed in 替換詞:be immersed in, devote oneself to