2017年5月10日 11:35

Tre' Wade!!! He doesn't know it yet but he's gonna be my best friend. Once again as Calyann Barnett always says...All your friends you pay for them to be your friends. Dang that's cold! Oh well. My little homie is in training but he's already apart of the Wade family. Can't wait to hit the streets with you Tre' - Tre' Wade!!!它還不知道它將成為我最好的朋友,Calyann Barnett總是一次次的說,你的朋友們總是因為你付錢才成為你的朋友,這很冷漠!好吧,我的小兄弟還在訓練但它已經是韋德家族的一份子了,迫不及待帶你上街啦!