2017年5月15日 11:16

One of thee hardest jobs in this entire world is being a step-mother. I wanna thank this Strong 💪 Beautiful Black Woman for standing with me and fighting together for our boys. Thanks for accepting the boys and I into your family but most importantly into your HEART ❤️. Happy Mothers Day Mrs.Union-Wade... lord knows you've earned it. From all your guys Dad,Zaire,Dah,Zion...we will forever be grateful and you're protected and loved. We got you! - 世界上最難的3個工作之一就是繼母。我想感謝這位堅強美麗的黑人女性和我站在一起並且為我們的孩子們一起努力。感謝你的家庭接納孩子們和我,但最重要的是你的心也接納了我們。母親節快樂Union-Wade女士,上帝知道你贏得了這一切。我們會永遠感激並且愛你保護你,我們挺你!