2017年8月17日 10:43

Saying I'm proud of this woman is an understatement. What I get to witness of her and what her team is building has been nothing short of incredible. YES iam a proud husband and YES iam a proud friend but most importantly I'm INSPIRED!!! We will cheers some🍷 🍷 soon to success but right now I'm in awe of The GRIND that you're on. Keep it up because it's so damn sexy on you baby - 說我為這個女人感到驕傲已經是保守的說法了,我正見證她和她的團隊正在創造不可思議的事情。我是個自豪的丈夫和朋友但最重要的是我被激勵了!我們會慶祝成功但現在我敬畏你的工作,繼續加油因為它太性感了,寶貝