Congratulations to my dear Sandi and Bill on a wonderful opening of the Comeback Lounge and the première of the ‘Women Who Dared’ collection. And I had the pleasure to narrate one of the amazing Chinese watercolor paintings on display.

The ‘Women Who Dared’ art collection is a culturally and historically significant occasion, dedicated to celebrating women led philanthropy, advancing diversity and honoring our healthcare professionals. Sandi and Bill’s collection includes over 400 pieces of art, spanning 2,500 years, from all 7 continents around the world and celebrates the talents of women in all areas of society and human endeavor. 

我的好友Bill和Sandi是一對非常低調的藝術收藏家夫婦,收藏世界各地的女性藝術家的畫作,這次畫展叫做“勇敢女性”,他們邀請我為展出的其中一幅中國畫 配了畫外音注解。