A poem written by Esther Fung, a classical vocalist, a poet, a scholar, my mom 💞

<The Snowman Song >☃️⛄💧

Impression from Ivana's "Missing Something" exhibition -
The Singing Canvases
13 December 2021

From elements of love I descend
Born from vapour into man
Learning to hear to see and to cheer
At clarity of heavenly land

The droplets gathering are clinging bold
They climb to make a body whole
The earth appears a shining unity
Of red yellow blue and gold

Snowy man, daring friend
With a drumming heart
Happily, faithfully
Ready for a triumphant
Fresh new start

Before melting into ecstasy
Dispersing across the open sea
I kiss your smiling gaze
And dream deep into eternity ❤

🧚‍♂️Esther Fung
Singer Poet

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