June of 2014. With my ocean mentors Sylvia A. Earle (Dr. Sylvia Earl) and Dr. Greg Stone aka Gregory Stone One of the greatest memories of my 42 years on this earth. I was much younger then. Two of the most respected and loved Ocean/Marine Scientists walking the planet. To celebrate world oceans day I got to dive with my dear brother Dr. Stone into the Aquarius 60 feet below the ocean surface in Florida to meet Fabien Cousteau and his amazing team on the ocean floor-then take off my dive gear! There is a video of this floating around the Internet, I will try and find a link and post to my stories at some point soon.
These people move the needle in ocean science and ocean health. We must listen to them, come together and form the true international coalitions that are going to protect the health of our oceans. Because like Dr. Sylvia Earl says “without blue, there is no green.“ meaning, if we continue doing to the oceans what we are doing-there is no humanity left. We will not exist. If you have time on this beautiful Sunday, look these people up, they are my nearest and dearest and my mentors. There’s no doubt, once you see how special they are and through their tireless efforts the contributions they have made to the oceans and humankind it will blow your mind. Because let’s make no mistake about it like James Cameron said “climate change is not about saving polar bears, it’s about saving our own asses.” It’s true. What we do to the world, We do to ourselves. Thank you all for reading this message. This is one of those memories that is so special to me… To tell my daughter I learned from one of the greatest female leaders of the scientific history, that I get to teach her and show her what I’ve learned from the scientists is a gift. Thank you