I know I am late, but it’s never too late with Wimbledon post. I wanted to write few words and acknowledge this wonderful piece of art whose author is unknown (at least to me). When I first saw this picture I was emotional. It brought me back to childhood and my first tennis steps. When I was a kid, I was constructing Wimbledon trophy out of improvised material I could find in my room. I was looking myself in the mirror, saying “I am Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon champion”. To win this sacred and most special tournament for me for 6th time is surreal. I am blessed and grateful to experience many beautiful moments on the holy grass of Wimbledon. My imagination was very realistic. As every kid, I dreamed, imagined, visualized and believed 100% in my dreams, like they were already achieved. Imagination and visualization is a super power. When children dream and imagine, it’s the purest form of love and motivation. I was fortunate that I had parents and few more other close people in my career that allowed me to dream and believe I can reach the stars in tennis. I am not saying that everyone will succeed in reaching the biggest heights in tennis. As a parent I believe creating loving and caring environment where we as parents show respect and support for children’s dreams, can do many wonders for our society and sports ecosystem as a whole 🙏❤️🙌 @溫布爾登網球錦標賽 #溫網2021#