What a day this was, what a week. Blessing after blessing. My family, my loves👩‍👧‍👦 both my children witnessing this moment. Crown for many years of hard work. My amazing team. Fantastic matches. True fans in the stadium and thrilling support for each player. Many memories to take away for sure. Grateful to bring home another tree in the woods to where this wolf sleeps 🏆😉🐺

What I love and respect about Daniil his commitment to being true to who he is at all times. Being authentic and original. Doesn’t matter what others think, say or expect, he keeps his heart and mind checked and measures his deeds based on his values. When I see people who embrace their nature and identity and work hard to get better every day - I know they are in for greatness. I am looking forward to seeing more of you Daniil. I know I won’t have it easy with you around and you are a great rival to have.

@ATP巡回賽 #ATP1000#