Such a privilege to be there to watch our team fight like true lions this whole tournament. Heartbreaking result but lets remember what really matters. The best result for a men’s England team in more than 50 years. A team that has shown courage, resilience and passion for our country at a time when we needed it so much. A team of young men who are inspiring so much positive change off the pitch as well as being exciting players for fans to watch. A brilliant manager who leads with values and integrity. They all deserve nothing but thanks and RESPECT. To Gareth and the boys…I know how much this will hurt but you have the pride and thanks of your country for what you have achieved and you have done it the right way. Anyone who doesn’t support and RESPECT each and every one of you today isn’t an England fan. Win or lose we stand with you .. Hold those heads high.. @英格蘭足球隊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

很榮幸能在現場觀看我們的球隊像真正的獅子一樣在歐洲杯戰鬥。雖然結果是令人心碎的,但讓我們記住什麼才是真正重要的。這是英格蘭男子足球隊50多年來取得的最好成績。在我們需要的時候,這個團隊展現出了勇氣、韌性和熱情。這是一支由年輕球員組成的球隊,他們在球場外激發了很多積極的變化,也讓球迷們感到興奮。一個有價值和正直的優秀管理者。他們值得感謝和尊重。敬蓋雷斯和這些男孩們,我知道這有多痛苦,但你們的國家為你們所取得的成就感到驕傲和感謝,你們以正確的方式完成了這一切。任何不支持和不尊重你們的人都不是英格蘭球迷。無論輸贏,我們都支持你們...抬起頭來…@英格蘭足球隊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿