This is not news.
This is a terrible and shocking tragedy.
Jimmy Rich was in a fatal car accident at approx. 8pm yesterday. He was a brother, my right hand man, an uncle to our kids and beloved by all who experienced his singular character and wit.. our thoughts go to his relatives, friends, co-workers, and all the fans who knew him as the man who supported every step of my recovery, life and career..
Again, my condolences to his beautiful family, and the legacy of hope and redemption his life will continue to represent.

Peace Be Unto You.

昨天晚上8點左右,Jimmy Rich在一場致命的車禍中離開了我們。他是我的兄弟,我的左膀右臂,孩子們的叔叔,一位被大家深愛的,有性格而又睿智的人。我和你們一樣思念他,Jimmy的親朋好友、同事以及我的粉絲,大家知道一路以來Jimmy無時不刻在支持和幫助我, 無論是當時康復以至於生活和事業的每一步……