It was really a great emotion to be able to perform again in front of an audience after so long, after so many months, after all the hard times we've all been through. I hope we will never have to experience something similar in the future, because the energy of the crowd is a vital component for me and for any artist - human contact is something that is irreplaceable and so important on so many levels. we are not meant to be alone.

Even though I've seen my father perform in front of large audiences a lot over the years, it never ceases to be such an emotion to see him perform live. It was an honor for me to join him and bring my new single "Solo" on stage.
Despite having already had the opportunity to perform with my father in the past, every time it's like the very first time. Thanks Babbo @安德烈_波切利Bocelli ❤️

Thank you bardamurossetti