Flora: Phase 3

The level of light and the strength of scent have reached their highest yet, evermore irresistible.
As they walked, it felt like everything their eyes touched, got increasingly vibrant, and at the same time, it gently touched them back, making J-191199 and K-150300 bloom even louder.
J-191199 and K-150300 have never before felt such a whirlwind of emotions they couldn’t name, yet the emotions were so pure and radiant, every molecule of their bodies was captivated and intrigued for more.
Flora was suspicious of the newcomers at first, too, however, the vibrations they radiated has soon convinced her in their peaceful intentions and in no time Flora embraced J-191199 and K-150300 as her own children.
They finally solved the mystery behind human disappearances within the forbidden zone. Their new “nature” was the answer they’d hoped to find their whole lives.