Flora: Phase 2

The “zone” they entered turned out to be surprisingly bright, despite being underground. A wall of mist separated the space right down the middle. As they wandered further in, the particles of water came into contact with their skin and clothes, causing a tingly, yet pleasant sensation. Suddenly, their clothes were not monochrome anymore and their eyes got more used to the bright colors surrounding them. The permeating scent and refreshing chill stimulated J and K’s senses unlike ever before. Scared, yet at the same time drawn by the unknown feeling, they felt themselves unable to stay aside. A wall of green spread its branches out towards the travelers, urging them into its lush embrace. Remembering the gloomy narrative behind the place, J-191199 and K-150300, however, did their best to stay alert and vigilant. Step by step, they approached the bushes, bit by bit shedding their fear of what lies before them. Immersing into the sea of green, an enveloping feeling of content surrounded them.