Dining out with @charlieputh to celebrate the release of our new single “After All”.

Amazing to think that it was just over 18 months ago that Charlie was introduced to me in a restaurant in Los Angeles. I’d always been a huge fan, and we laughed about the fact that we lived only 4 houses away from each other.

Almost immediately the world went into COVID lockdown, so Charlie became part of my family’s bubble. With time on our hands, he invited me up to his house for a songwriting session in his home studio. “After All” was the song we created, and I was thrilled with how well it turned out.

Little did I know that song would kickstart a series of joyful collaborations over the next several months. The end result is my new album The Lockdown Sessions. I haven’t had this much fun making an album in years.

So thank-you Charlie. Isn’t it amazing what one chance meeting in a restaurant can lead to…..?! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

#AfterAll# #TheLockdownSessions#

@charlieputh共進晚餐,慶祝我們新單曲《After All》。


後來幾乎立刻全世界都進入了新冠病毒的禁閉期,Charlie便成了我家庭的一部分。由於時間緊迫,他邀請我去他家的錄音室參加的歌曲創作會議。“After All”是我們共同創作的歌曲,我為它的成功而激動。

我不知道這首歌會在接下來的幾個月里帶來一系列令人愉快的合作,最終的結果是我的新專輯《The Lockdown Sessions》。我已經好幾年沒做過這麼有趣的專輯了。