2019年10月25日 10:57

Wow!! 有誰曾想到過?比我來到職業生涯的第15年更令人興奮的是,這個賽季我會在場上遇到這幾位來自TeamCP3的球員!TeamCP3是由無數無私的教練、家長、球員共同建立的 !!大家都能感受到我對每位球員和成員的愛,我為他們今天的成就和成長所驕傲🤷🏾‍♂️。這僅僅是這個賽季我會遇見的球員們,但我們的感情遠不止於此!!祝各位夥伴們的賽季健康順利!!🙏🏾 #全能保羅#

Wow!! Who would』ve thought?? Better than blessed to enter my 15th season but even better than that are these jerseys about to go up... and this is only from this season!! They represent TeamCP3 - a FAMILY that a ton of selfless coaches, parents and players have built!!! Everybody knows how much I love our kids/men and our program. I know I talk about them a lot but hell, I』m not gonna lie...I』m proud 🤷🏾‍♂️. Not only proud of the hoopers they are but more proud of the men that they grow to become. This is just a few of them that I get to play against this season but just know that WE are so much deeper than this!!!! Here』s to a great and healthy season fellas!! 🙏🏾