2019年11月10日 14:18

當我昨晚走進斯台普斯球館觀看@邁阿密熱火 與@洛杉磯湖人 的比賽時,我不知道應帶著什麼樣的心情。這是我自退役后的首次現場觀戰,可我昨晚並沒有想上場的衝動,這讓我意識到我是真的平靜的離開賽場了。🙏🏾
As I walked into Staples last night to watch the Miami Heat vs Lakers, I didn』t know how i would feel. Being my first game watching live since my retirement, I can honestly say i didn』t have the urge to play last night. I know for a fact now that I am peacefully retired 🙏🏾