2020年2月25日 10:41

Thank you, Kobe! We came in the league together and went out around the same time. Glad we got to be teammates but really cherish the competition. A TON of battles but game 6, 2010 Western Conference Finals you were truly unplayable.It wasn』t always easy and we didn』t always see eye to eye but the respect between us means more than all the numbers and accolades stacked on top of each other.Looking back I draw a lot of inspiration from the way you attacked everything you did and even more admiration from the father you were and family you grew. Gone way way way too soon but never ever forgotten.Rest In Peace old friend with your Angel, Gigi. 2/24♾

謝謝你,科比!我們在同一時間進入聯盟,又在相仿的歲月里一同淡出。我很高興我們曾經做過隊友,但我更珍愛的,是我們作為對手的日子。我們之間有過無數的鬥爭,但對我而言,2010年的西部決賽第六場,是你最不可阻擋的時刻。和你的對決總是艱難的,我們也不是時時刻刻都能相遇,但我們兩人之間對彼此的尊重,遠遠不是我們曾獲得的那些數字和榮譽能夠比擬的。當我回頭看去,我從你的進攻方式,和你球場上的一切表現上獲益良多,而你作為一個父親的方式,栽培一個家庭的過程更是讓我仰慕不已。你走的實在太太太早了,但我永遠永遠不會忘記你。願你和你的天使Gigi安息,老朋友。2/24♾ #生命的禮讚#